This Year’s Garden!

We’ve finally gotten this year’s garden started! It’s taken a long time to clean up the area and get it ready to go for new plants. This year we’ve planted a lot of wonderful veggies such as tomatoes, summer squash, hot peppers, and herbs. It will be so exciting to watch them grow and fill… Continue reading This Year’s Garden!

Working Hard!

Had a visitor again today! I put that girl to work! Can’t have the weeds choking out our veggies! She did a great job! I promised her some jalapeños when they are ready! ???????????? All social distancing guidelines were followed ????????????

Chicken Husbandry

These two beauties right here not only provide us with yummy eggs daily but a great fertilizer ???? for our ever growing Winston Teen Center Learning Garden!

Garden Update

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, look at our garden grow! I sure hate to trim back the overgrown herbs mostly because they look so cool from the road and the bees are just loving them. If you look close enough you can see our little honey bees and bumblebees.

Fresh Eggs

Our resident chickens(residents of the Learning Garden) are paying for their keep in the form of delicious fresh eggs. The kids love feeding the chicks and gathering eggs every day.